Middle East’s Information

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  • Countries: 18
  • Languages: Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Balochi, Greek, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian, Somali, Turkish
  • Time Zones: UTC+2:00, UTC+3:00, UTC+3:30, UTC+4:00, UTC+4:30

Being one of the most exciting and gratifying travel destinations, the Middle East is simply extraordinary. As the birthplace of many significant civilizations and religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Middle East holds a dominant position on the world map. It serves as an open-air museum of beautiful historic cities and buildings, the walls of which tells the story of its greatness.

From great ancient monuments in India to the modern cities of Japan, Asia offers such a variety and contrast that one lifetime is just not enough to fully explore it.

The Middle East is a hub of some of the world’s most notable cities like Jerusalem, Cairo, Baghdad and Istanbul. It is a place where the ancient mankind and culture still lives and breathes. Whether it is the ruins of epic cities like Petra, Persepolis and Ephesus or ancient Egypt, they all mark the passage of centuries.

Extraordinary Landscapes and people

The landscapes in the region are equally fascinating, from the unmatched oceans of sand dunes and palm-edged lakes in the Sahara desert to the incredible mountains of the north and underwaters of the Red Sea.

Above all else, the people of the Middle East are known for their lively and cheerful behaviour. Their gracious welcome and hospitality speak of their great heritage and culture.

the Middle East connects ancient and modern world so gracefully that you’ll be left spellbound. This place is certainly for those travellers who are looking for a story behind the curtain. If you miss this place from your travel book, you’d be missing out your journey of the lifetime.