Europe’s Information

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  • Area: 10,180,000 km2 (3,930,000 sq mi)
  • Population: 739,165,030 (2011), 3rd
  • Pop. density: 72.5/km2 (about 134/sq mi)
  • Demonym: European
  • Countries: 50 (list of countries)
  • Languages: List of languages
  • Time zones: UTC to UTC+6
  • Internet TLD: .eu (European Union)
  • Largest cities: List of metropolitan areas in Europe

From its Northern Lights to its Southern shores, this amazing continent keeps on fascinating, surprising and captivating its visitors with her exceptional wealth of sights, culture and people.

This huge continent is crowded with beautiful old cities, high-rise mountain ranges, blue seas and countries that you might have not even heard of before. Its thrilling sights, music, cuisines and other sensations will leave you awestruck.

Britain, France, Germany and Spain are usually for first-timers; they may also spice it up with something classical like Italy, Greece and Turkey. While those who have covered these destinations can try other less popular yet visit worthy destinations like the Balkans, Portugal and Poland.

Europe has an unusual heritage. With Athens as the birthplace of democracy; Rome, the hub for ancient structures; Florence having the renaissance buildings; and Venice being the land of graceful canals, Europe is all set to rock your holiday tour.

The culture laden Europe has no limits for fun and recreation. The continent leads the world in every aspect including fashion, art, music, architecture and design.

TThe breathtaking landscapes and smashing stereotypes perfects your trip. So, yes! Europe has it all and there is no reason as to why you should delay your extraordinary and fun-filled trip. The only problem you might have with planning this trip will be where to start from.